What I Learned in Tennessee

Hey y’all! 🙂 I got home Sunday from my amazing vacation in Nashville and Memphis. I’m totally in LOVE with Tennessee. I ❤ TN.

What I Learned in Tennessee

I think anytime you go somewhere new, you think you have an idea of what the place will be like. I do, at least. From the food, culture, landscape, etc., you kind of already picture it in your mind. I thought I had Nashville and Memphis figured out, and I was “on” in some cases, but wrong in others.

1. Not everyone in Nashville wears a cowboy hat. I’m sure this isn’t a shocker to everyone else, but I was totally disappointed in the lack of cowboy hats being worn. That didn’t stop me and my roomie, Em, from wearing them though 😉

100% Stetson

2. The food is awesome. I was not disappointed at all!

Ribs, baked apples, potato salad and corn bread at Jack's BBQ

Grilled PB and Banana Sandwich at Graceland- Elvis and I have great taste in food 😉

The menu at Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale St in Memphis

We both tried the Gator Gumbo. Yum!

Crawfish and Fried Green Tomatoes-could it get any more southern?

3. Some of the food is healthy!

A cute and healthy diner in Memphis

Low fat frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's in Nashville. Ate it for dinner on our first night.

4. As a tourist, both cities are are easy travel car-free. In Nashville, we were able to walk from our hotel to lots of different restaurants and shops on Broadway.

On Broadway, down the street from our hotel

In Memphis, there is a trolley that goes around Main St. and is close to all the local sites, like Beale St and the Gibson Factory Store. We parked in a lot and grabbed the trolley-so fun and easy.


Trolley Ride

You can’t travel everywhere without a car in either city, but it was great to leave it parked as often as we did.

5. Elvis is everywhere. I knew he would be around, but man, you couldn’t turn a corner without seeing him!

BIG sign in Memphis


In Elvis Presley Plaza

On Broadway in Nashville

Elvis statue in the B.B.King and Elvis Presley Memphis Welcome Center. Nice tush!

6. People are nicer and more relaxed. I don’t have pics to prove this, but I can not tell you how floored I am by the friendly and relaxed people of TN. At the airport while we picked up our rental car, the rep at Dollar Car Rental called the local minor league baseball team to find out the tickets prices and time of the next game for us. When Em and I were outside Jack’s BBQ on Broadway, a man just stopped in his tracks to tell us the history of the restaurant and recommended some of the food. Everywhere we went, people chatted with us and said “hi.”

I grew up in the south, but Orlando isn’t really “The South.” Boston, like many northeastern cities, is all hustle and bustle. People tend to keep to themselves. In TN, I kept noticing that I was the impatient person in line, the one beeping my horn (when we did have to drive) and generally not taking enough time to smell the roses.

Thank you Tennessee for reminding me that not every day has to be rushed through. I need to enjoy the sites and sounds and try saying “hello” more often. Not sure how well this will all go over in Boston, but I’ll give it a shot!

One thought on “What I Learned in Tennessee

  1. Awesome post! I definitely agree! The perception that TN is filled with a bunch of rednecks is totally false. I miss TN 😦

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