Things I’m Loving Lately

Hey! I’m so excited right now because tomorrow I go on vacation! My roommate and I are going to Nashville and Memphis, TN. Woohoo! I’ve always wanted to go to Nashville and I can’t wait to check out Graceland in Memphis. This trip is going to be AMAZING! Can’t…wait…

There’s a post going around the blog world called “Things I’m Loving Lately.” I’ve had fun reading what bloggers are in to lately, so I thought I’d join in.

Things I’m Loving Lately- Pjs and Yoga Pants edition 🙂

Ice Cream!


This food is the main reason I gain weight in the summer. Everyone always says they lose weight in the summer because they eat more fruit, get out more, etc. Well, I eat more ice cream. Have to watch that this year…but I still love it! Bedford Farms is my FAVORITE ice cream ever.

Game of Thrones

Could this show be any more addicting? Every time the episode ends I just get angry. “Five more minutes, please!” There have been three episodes so far this season and they’ve all been great.

Jillian Michaels

Between her workout DVDs and her Podcast, I’m loving her. I never really watched The Biggest Loser, I just started getting her DVDs and always like what she has to say. Her Podcast is really interesting; I’ve been listening to it in the car. Sometimes she talks about what motivates people, the different types of yoga…really, she covers a ton of different topics. She’s kind of funny too, in an awkward way. LOL

Nike Air Propel High Performance Cross Trainers







These shoes are awesome. I got them at Kohl’s on sale for about $50 and they are worth much more. They are very light and make it easy to do a variety of moves. I also walked a few miles in them recently and they were comfy and didn’t give me any blisters (thankfully!).

The Wanted- “Glad You Came”

I blast this song in the car. May or may not have purchased it on iTunes as well… I’m a sucker for boy bands 😉

(I can’t get the video to embed in the post, so I could only put the link 😦  )














Hopefully, another thing I’ll be “liking lately” is Tennessee! I just got the WordPress app for my Razor last night, so I might be able to blog during my trip. If not, I’ll be back on Tuesday for a full recap! 🙂

Have you ever been to Tennessee?

What are you liking lately?

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