$22 Well Spent


Hey Everyone! Look at my hair! It’s blonder and straight! Woohoo!. There aren’t many pics of me on the site yet, but my hair is naturally very curly and I’ve been dying it dark for a couple of years. This is a fun change. I’ll be back to curly once I wash my hair again- don’t worry 😉

The best part of my new ‘do is that it was only $22! How did I manage a partial foil and blow out for $22? There’s an Empire Beauty School down the street from me and three nights a week their salon is open for the students to get credit towards their degrees. It was a risk and I was definitely a little nervous.

Overall, not the best blow out- it’s a little flat, but still shiny and bouncy. The color came out great though! My camera doesn’t pick up the color very well, but it’s more blonde than it looks here.

I didn’t get home from the hair appointment until 7:45 last night, so I was starving! I went for two of these babies when I walked through the door.

Peanut butter....chocolate...

These are Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies. I made them over the weekend and have been enjoying them ever since. I’ll post the recipe soon! It’s so easy!

I felt bad for eating two cookies for dinner, so I had some baby carrots for dessert 🙂 It doesn’t really matter what order they’re in, as long as I get my veggies, right?

I forgot to take a pic before I started eating them. Oops!

I do have to end this post on a serious note.  My Grampy (my mom’s dad) is in the hospital. I heard that he’s doing okay, but I want everyone to put their good thoughts/vibes/prayers out there for him anyway! Thank you 🙂

Have you ever had your hair done at a beauty school?

Do you eat dessert for dinner sometimes?

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