Lunches Lately

Hi Everyone!

Wow- this week at work is so busy. I’d rather be busy than bored though, so I don’t mind.

I work all week and part of how I maintain my weight is by making and bringing my lunches to work almost every day. It’s only once in a while that I order food out. Bringing my lunch helps me configure the amount of calories I eat and allows me to chose healthier options than most lunch joints.

For instance, the lunch I’ve been eating this week is an organic spinach, zucchini and fish salad. On Monday, I made tuna. Since I made it at home, I was able to control the amount of mayo I used and the type. I’ve even been buying this great low sodium tuna in a pouch at Target. You know if I ordered a tuna salad out it would’ve been loaded with tons of regular mayo, definitely not low sodium tuna and 9/10 chances it would be on gross iceberg lettuce. This lunch maybe cost $2.00 at home and could’ve cost $5-7 out and wouldn’t have been nearly as healthy. Win!


The pouched tuna is so nice because you don’t have to drain it, just put it right in the bowl; it’s only $1.09 at Target. Hellman’s Reduced Fat Mayo with Olive Oil is really tasty and I got this huge jar at BJ’s. I don’t buy many foods in the “light” or “reduced fat” version, but this mayo is delicious and healthier. I don’t really notice the taste difference between it and the regular kind.

Like my lunchbox? Yup, I donate my money 🙂

I also cut up big carrots, which are cheaper than buying the baby carrots. Sometimes I buy the baby carrots though because they’re just so convenient.

Yesterday I made the same lunch except with smoked salmon instead of tuna. I loooooooove smoked salmon. Cooked salmon is gross to me, but give it to me smoked or raw and I’m in heaven. 2 oz. of it smoked is only 90 calories and it’s full of omegas. I also had a delicious raspberry Chobani and a Luna Bar for dessert.

Do you bring lunch work or order out? How do you like your salmon?

2 thoughts on “Lunches Lately

  1. I am a vegetarian, but I LOVE the colour of salmon 🙂 I love bringing lunch to work instead of ordering out. This way I eat more healthy 🙂 When you have the time do drop by my space. I just made some chilled sorbet and would love to know what you think.

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