Bad News Email

It’s Tuesday- one day closer to the weekend. Woohoo. How’s that for being positive? LOL

So as I mentioned yesterday, I had no internet access all weekend. What a bummer. I got lots of use out of my new Razor Maxx though. I even attempted to blog on it, but it was pretty difficult.

Sometimes I forget how essential (and addicting) the internet is to my life. I’m so used to just grabbing my laptop to check things like the weather, an address and new recipes…and for blogging. It stunk to have to forgo some fo these things or to do them on my phone instead (I don’t want to go over on my data allowance). At least it’s back now though 🙂

Weekend Recap

Even though I had no internet, I still managed to have a life. LOL Friday night I went to see my friend’s band, Happy Little Clouds, at McGann’s Irish Pub in Boston. I thought they were on first or second, but they were actually the closers. Luckily, I was with great friends who kept me occupied. I also enjoyed a couple  few vodka seltzers, which didn’t hit me until a couple hours in to the night. Ooh boy!

Here’s Happy Little Clouds- they rock, especially for a two-piece.

On Saturday, I had a mild hangover. I think the fact that I was drinking water with the vodka really kept me much more hydrated than if I’d been mixing it with soda or juice. Yay for seltzer. I ended up staying in my pj’s for the entire day- I didn’t even leave my house.  It was kind of awesome. I caught up on my DVR, did some reading and took a nap. Someone joined me for the cat nap.

Sunday was Easter, which is not a big deal in my family now that I know the truth about “The Bunny.” We did get together though. We went to Kimball Farm in Westford,MA. It’s a farm with an ice cream stand and grille with mini golf, a petting zoo, batting cages and, my favorite, bumper boats! It turned out to be a cold and dreary day, so we didn’t get to do much except eat and walk through their country store. My dad and I shared a HUGE seafood platter, which I forgot to photograph. 😦  Then we all got ice cream. I had a Junior Sundae of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ice cream with melted peanut butter, marshmallow and whipped cream. Have I mentioned that I love peanut butter? LOL

My face was so red because it was freezing out. We all ate our ice cream in the car!

Overall,it was a fun, if not the most healthy, weekend. I didn’t work out and I had a lot of fatty food, but I’m back on the wagon since Monday. Sometimes, weekends like that happen and I won’t beat myself up about it. PJ’s just win sometimes. 🙂

Bad News Email

Ok, so here’s the bad news. Remember how my gym membership ran out at the end of March? I thought I’d be okay because I have some good workout DVDs to do and and my 10 class pass to my yoga studio. Well on Sunday I got an email (thank you Razor!) from the gym I go to for yoga that they are closing their yoga studio down at the end of April. Apparently they didn’t have enough Yoga members to keep it going.

So what about my 10 class pass? “We urge you to come and take as many classes as you can.” Great- so now I have to rush through as many classes as possible to make the card worth it. I won’t have the option to space my workouts out like I had planned AND I’m going away on vacation next week for 5 days. This really stinks! The studio was beautiful and I’m really surprised they couldn’t get enough members.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out…need to check out yoga schedule ASAP…

Do you ever see live music in your city?

Have you even run in to bad luck with your workout plans?

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