Corn Flake Crusted Chicken

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week! I have this Friday off too, so I only have to make it through Thursday.

I have a delicious recipe to share. I think it’s kind of old school, but still delicious and pretty healthy. AND, it only has three ingredients.

Before the recipe, I’m going to share my workout plan for the week. I did it last week and it totally kept me on track. I’m  a little late, but it’s ok 🙂

Workouts of the Week

Monday- Off

Tuesday- DVD


Thursday- DVD

Friday- Outside (hopefully)


Sunday- Outside/DVD

You might have noticed that I am not going to the gym at all this week. Sadly, my membership ran out at the end of March and I don’t want to spend the LARGE amount of money to renew right now. I plan on saving and renewing it in a couple of months. I’m hoping the mix of nice weather and DVDs make it easy to keep my workout flow going smoothly. I still have a 10 class pass to the yoga studio I love too, so I will start going again.

Corn Flake Crusted Chicken


Unfortunately, I was having so much fun making the chicken that I forgot to take “action” shots. It’s so easy to make though, so you’ll be ok 🙂


1 lb of chicken tenders or breasts cut in half

BBQ Sauce of choice (I used Stubb’s Honey Pecan- Stubb’s is the best!)

Corn Flakes

If possible, marinate the chicken in the BBQ sauce overnight for the most flavor. I like chicken tenders for this recipe because they are smaller and absorb more of the sauce.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Pour about 1 cup of corn flakes in to a bowl and crush them with your hands. I made them a good mix of fine and medium flakes, just to jazz up the texture.

Take a piece of chicken and dunk it in the flakes on all sides but the bottom. The bottom will sit on the baking sheet and will get mushy if it has flakes on it.

Put the tenders on a cookie sheet sprayed with non-stick spray.

Bake for 20-25 mintes.

On Saturday night, I also made homemade sweet potato fries and salad to serve with the chicken. Delish!

I had lots of left over chicken, so I put it on a big salad for lunch at work on Monday and Tuesday. Look at this salad; the chicken looks fried, but it was healthy and baked. Still crunchy!

Do you like “winging it” with recipes or do you like to follow a recipe exactly? I can manage with something easy like this chicken, but some dinners I definitely like to follow along.


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