Time Flies

Hey Everyone! Happy April! Sorry I haven’t posted since Thursday- I’ve just been so busy. Somebody in particular had been keeping me very, very busy…

Here I am!

I got my kitty on Saturday! But more on this cutie later…

Summer in the Air

On Saturday morning, I really wanted to work out. Whoa- did I just say that? I’m finally getting to this point in my fitness-life where I actually want to work out and I feel “off” when I skip it.  Working out is starting to become part of my routine and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself.

In the end, I was so excited to pick up my kitty and I had supplies (bowls, toys, food,etc) to buy, that I didn’t fit in a workout. I had a gift card for Home Goods. Check out the colors! Summer is almost here!

Check out all the colorful towels. During the winter, I could only find beige and other dull colors.

The section that always catches my attention at Home Goods is the food area! There’s so many delicious treats, teas and specialty foods. I managed to hold out. LOL

The real reason I was there though, lest I forget, was for kitty supplies. As if I wasn’t already overwhelmed, this was the pet bowl section.

And more bowls...

I made it out alive. LOL. I got some cute bowls, some catnip toys and a mat to go under the litter box.

Later, at 1:45, I picked up my new kitty from The Cat Connection in Waltham, MA. It’s a foster-based shelter, so there’s no main headquarters and the organization relies on volunteers to provide foster homes for the cats. It’s a wonderful organization and I’m happy to have adopted through them.

As of now, I don’t have a name picked out for her. She’s been called Brianna at the shelter, but it’s too “human-y” for me AND I have a cousin with that name, so it’s weird. Haha. The names I’m considering are Cleo, Dolly, Tipsy, Pixie, Twinkle and Gem. Any thoughts?

She’s awesome.

I also made a really delicious, easy chicken dinner over the weekend- I’ll have the recipe tomorrow.

If you’re a fan of ice cream, today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s! Yay! I’ll be there tonight after work 🙂

Have you been extra busy lately?

Ever adopted a pet from a shelter?

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