Mixed Emotions

Wow- I don’t even know how to start off this post.  It’s still early in the day and already I’ve been through a wide range of emotions. Happieness, saddness, stress, worry…I’m feeling pretty tired.


An employee at my job had to stop working last summer because he became seriously ill. He actually went out on his leave the week before I started, so I never got to work with him. His illness has progressed over the months, but he came in to work a few times to visit and such. I met him 2 or 3 times and each time I met him I was aware that he was adored by all my co-workers and and he was very nice to me. He told me that he couldn’t wait to come back to work and help me with the AC in my office. Well, I got the news that he passed away last night. He had a wife and daughter who watched him deteriorate over the past few months and it just breaks my heart.

I am so sad for his passing, but I’m so thankful that all my friends and family are healthy and happy and I want you all to know that I LOVE YOU!


My roommate (favorite roomie ever) is sick- not seriously like the man from my work, but miserable enough that she’s been home from work all week.  I feel terrible for her too. She has not been sleeping well and looks so sad. The worst part is that she’s in a play that opens tomorrow night and she’s the lead.  I’m worried for her only because I thought she’d be feeling better after 4 days, but I am not worried that this will harm her performance this weekend. Em is a standout actress and too stubborn to let some virus bring her down on stage.

Feel better Roomie! This will be us soon!

Random Stress

Along with all this, there’s been some random things stressing me out too that I won’t get in to. I feel like most things in my life are so close to being “just right,” but they keep getting stuck in “just stress.”  I hope everything works itself out soon.

Friends & Purrs

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, I was super excited to find out that my oldest BFF, all the way from Kindergarten, is coming up with her husband to stay with me this summer. Diana is so wonderful and I love her hubby Ben; we’re going to have an amazing week.

Me and Diana in Tennessee last summer.

Also, I picked a kitty over the weekend and she’s moving in this Saturday. I don’t have any pictures, unfortunately, but she’s wicked cute. Her name is Brianna, but I plan on changing that. Any good kitty names out there?


I am drained. Hope this wasn’t a bummer of a post.  I actually might meet up with a friend at the gym tonight though and that will make me happier. Working out is such a great stress-reliever, especially with a good friend.

Any good news in your lives? Does working out help relieve stress for you?