I’m Freezing!

Before I can even chat about anything else, please look at the weather here in Boston today:

Boston Weather

Current conditions



9° F RealFeel temperature
Oh. My. God. It was in the 80’s just 5 days ago! What is going on? It’s really 27, but feels like 9 degrees! Ack.
I had to pump gas on my way to work today and I wanted to take a picture of how bundled up I was, but my hands were just too cold to take out my camera.
At least it’s sunny though…

Weekly Workouts


So we all know that I love pajamas, right? Well, we all also know that I have to get out of them sometimes and get my workout-on. I really want to commit to 4 workouts a week from now on. I’m going to try. I hit 4 sometimes, but some weeks I only hit 3.
I’ve read on other blogs, like Carrots’nCake, that scheduling your workouts like any other appointment will help you stick to them. I’m going to try it out.
Tuesday- Yoga (because now I really want to go to the heated studio!)
Wednesday- Gym
Friday- Gym
Saturday-Gym/Outside (if it’s warmer)
Sunday- Off
Workouts, I’m ready. 🙂
How’s the weather where you are? Crazy or normal?
Do you schedule your workouts?

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