Hungry Monday

Back to Monday. Already? How did my 3-day weekend go by so quickly? Oh well- it was a great weekend anyway 🙂

The Hunger Games

Friday night I saw The Hunger Games with some friends and it was awesome. It was very intense though- the theater was basically silent for the whole film. If you liked the book, you’ll love the movie. I think Jennifer Lawrence was perfect as Katniss.


I made the easiest, tastiest breakfast today. Well, actually, I started it last night.


Yes, that is Biscoff. It’s a cookie spread! And amazing. If you haven’t tried it, get to the grocery store ASAP! Delish!

But no, that’s not (all) that I’m having for breakfast. I’m making Overnight Oats in a Jar. Ever heard of it? You put oats in a jar, usually a nut butter jar, when it’s almost empty. Add in the liquid and let it sit in the fridge over night. When you get up for breakfast in the morning, the oats have absorbed a lot of the liquid and last of the Biscoff or peanut butter, etc. and are fluffy and delicious. Yay!

The night before...

In the morning.

I added in some blueberries too. Yum. All I have to do is re-seal the jar and I can bring breakfast to work. Easy. Convenient. Tasty.

Know any easy breakfast tricks? Ever tried Biscoff?

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