Broken Phones Make Me Sad

My poor little Stratosphere.

So that’s my phone. Dead. Done. Gone. It slipped out of my hand at work today and only fell about two feet, but it was just enough to shatter the screen and kill my poor little phone. I’m due for my Verizon upgrade in May, so of course I called them up all whiny and sad and asked if they could upgrade me. Well, I didn’t expect them to just say” yes: and ask what new phone I wanted! Dah! I was totally unprepared and had the woman call me back later in the night on my friend’s phone, so I had time to look at them all online.

What phone should I get? Lots of my friends have iPhones, but I like my Android phone. I didn’t know. I asked all around work and on Facebook and the overwhelming response was “iPhone!” I checked those out when I got home, but I already have the 120 GB iPod, so is it really worth it to get the iPhone too?

The customer service rep on the phone told me she just got the iPhone and loves it.

But…one girl at work said the funniest thing, “iPhones are pretty, but Androids are smart.” Haha! Love it!

I debated all afternoon and evening and finally when the Verizon rep called me back, I said:

“I want the Motorola Razor Maxx!”  Not iPhone. The perks to the Droids are that I am getting 4GB of data on Verizon for the price of 2 GB (special deal they still have going on!), it has 4G (so fast!) and it’s a way bigger screen than the iPhone. Hopefully, it works as well as the iPhone though- I know those are totally dependable and easy to use.

I guess sometimes I’m just a rebel and can’t listen to what everyone tells me to do. Sorry iPhone friends 🙂 Hope you still love me. Verizon does have a 14-day return policy though, so if I have any doubts, I’ll trade it for the iPhone.

Here’s a pic of my poor Stratosphere with my old phone, which I will have to use until the Razor comes in the mail on Friday.

So sad.

Look at the size difference! I wish I could go until Friday with no phone, but um, that’s not possible.


I did manage to get out for a wonderful walk after I ordered my phone. I wore flip-flops, which weren’t the most comfortable, but I just love them too much to wear sneakers.

Shoes = Bad.  Flip Flops = Good.


Did I make the right choice? Hopefully?

Anyone else enjoying unseasonably warm weather? I’m lovin it!

4 thoughts on “Broken Phones Make Me Sad

  1. The Motorola razor does have a larger screen than an I-phone and you can’t beat 4G…so I think you made the right choice! Only time will tell. Keep us informed.

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