Hello world!

Hi Everyone! I’m Steph, a 20-something working girl living outside of  Boston, MA.

Growing up in Orlando, FL, I was always outside playing in the sun; I would swim, Rollerblade, dance, bike – you name it and I did it. In high school my family moved up to Massachusetts and something about the move and the freezing cold weather  took away any desire I had for being active.  I really started to like pajamas…

Now that I’m a grown-up (usually!) and am settled in to my life with an awesome roomie (hi Em!) and have a job I like, I’ve been slowly getting the itch to be active once again. I am definitely not a work-out-aholic, but I bought my first pair of yoga pants and am a yogi-in-training. There’s a gym down the street from me that I use regularly and, in the summer, I love doing boot-camp style workouts outside (warm weather -yay!). I also have a growing stack of fitness DVDs that are great for mornings when I  feel like sleeping later instead of driving to the gym (this blog is called PJS and yoga pants, after all).

Thanks for getting to know me a little better. And just remember, there’s nothing wrong with wearing PJ’s, but sometimes you have to have to suck it up and get those yoga pants (or running shorts, capris, tights…you get it) on and have some fun!

Be happy!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hey Steph, Great Blog! Keep churning out the good ideas!
    Good luck with it and all the best! I’ll leave more comments when I have time.

    Love, Mommy 🙂

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